Fox River Watershed Investigation - Phase I Report

Phase I Report

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Front Cover (PDF, 401K)

Title Page (PDF, 15K)

Table of Contents (PDF, 33K)

Executive Summary (PDF, 78K)

Chapter 1. Introduction and Background (PDF, 194K)

Chapter 2. Study Area (PDF, 2.7 MB)

Chapter 3. Review of Water Quality Studies of the Fox River Watershed (PDF, 287K)

Chapter 4. The Fox River Watershed Water Quality Database (PDF, 391K)

Chapter 5. Water Quality Analyses (PDF, 2.3MB)

Chapter 6. Sediment Chemistry Analyses (PDF, 381K)

Chapter 7. Modeling Issues (PDF, 98K)

Chapter 8. Fox River Watershed Investigation Web Site (PDF, 434K)

Chapter 9. Summary (PDF, 38K)

References. (PDF, 84K)

Appendix 1. Fox River Study Group Outreach Statement (PDF, 52K)

Appendix 2. FoxDB data dictionary (PDF, 178K)

Appendix 3. Importing Data to FoxDB from USGS and EPA Databases (110K)

Appendix 4. FoxDB Data Loader & Viewer Program (PDF, 300K)

Appendix 5. Fox River Study Group Interim Monitoring Evaluation (PDF, 277K)

Appendix 6. Summary Statistics for Selected Constituents (PDF, 697K)

Appendix 7. Descriptions of Water Quality Models (PDF, 65K)

Appendix 8 FoxDB Diagram (PDF, 84K)