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2013 Governor's Conference on the Management of the Illinois River System
"The Illinois River: Working Locally - Reaching Globally"

14th Biennial Governor's Conference
October 1-3, 2013



Opening Remarks

Plenary 1:
Working Locally - Reaching Globally:
Linking Multiple Scales in Conservation and Industry

Plenary 2:
Illinois in the Global Economy:
World Food Demand, Production and Distribution

Keynote 1:

The Great Lakes and Mississippi River Interbasin Study (GLMRIS)*

David Wethington, US Army Corps of Engineers

*The scheduled presentation was not given due to a federal government shutdown. The following presentation was given in its stead:

Update on the Illinois River Flood of 2013
at Two Floodplain Restoration Sites of The Nature Conservancy

K. Douglas Blodgett, Director of River Conservation
The Nature Conservancy

Keynote 2:

Mississippi River Distilling Company:
Raising A Glass to Resources of the Riverside

Ryan Burchett, Mississippi River Distilling Company
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Session A-1
Illinois Waterways: Infrastructure Needs and Beneficial Use of Sediment

Session B-1
Natural Resources 1 - Identifying and Responding to Habitat Needs

Session C-1
The Wonders of Weather and Wetlands

Session A-2
Illinois River and Your Community

Session B-2
Natural Resources 2 - Identifying and Responding to Habitat Needs

Session C-2
Agricultural BMPs: Getting Back to Our Roots!

Session A-3
New Findings on the History of the Lower Illinois River Valley:
Glaciers, Cultures, and Waterfowl

Session B-3
Aquatic Invasive Species: Asian Carp and More

Session C-3
Current Status and Results of Monitoring in the Illinois River Basin

Session A-4
The Attorney General's Role in Protecting the River:
The Historical Perspective and the Response to a Recent Threat

Session B-4
Illinois River Water Trail Designation - Roundtable Discussion

Session C-4
Future Monitoring Technologies: Data and Tools

Interactive Digital Technology Open House




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