Fox Watershed - Tributary Watersheds - GIS Data

The following shapefiles (zipped) were created through BASINS automatic delineation and adjusted to reflect any changes due to inconsistencies in the elevation dataset, recent development, elevated roads or railroads, detention ponds, and other relevant features as needed, as part of the Fox River Watershed Investigation. Each zipped file contains additional metadata. Click on a specific file listed below to begin the download process.


example watershed 

example subwaterhsheds
Bigrock Watershed
Blackberry Watershed
Brewster Watershed
Brumbach Watershed
Buck Watershed
Clear Watershed
Cotton Watershed
Crystallake Watershed
Ferson Watershed
Flint Watershed
Hollenback Watershed
Indian(Kane Dupage) Watershed
Indian Watershed
Jelkes Watershed
Littleindian Watershed
Littlerock Watershed
Mill Watershed
Mission Watershed
Morgan Watershed
Norton Watershed
Poplar Watershed
Robroy Watershed
Roods Watershed
Silverlake Watershed
Sleepyhollow Watershed
Somonauk Watershed
Spring Watershed
Towerlake Watershed
Tyler Watershed
Unnamed(downstream Silver) Watershed
Waubonsie Watershed
Bigrock Subwatersheds
Blackberry Subwatersheds
Brewster Subwatersheds
Brumbach Subwatersheds
Buck Subwatersheds
Clear Subwatersheds
Cotton Subwatersheds
Crystallake Subwatersheds
Ferson Subwatersheds
Flint Subwatersheds
Hollenback Subwatersheds
Indian(Kane Dupage) Subwatersheds
Indian Subwatersheds
Jelkes Subwatersheds
Littleindian Subwatersheds
Littlerock Subwatersheds
Mill Subwatersheds
Mission Subwatersheds
Morgan Subwatersheds
Norton Subwatersheds
Poplar Subwatersheds
Robroy Subwatersheds
Roods Subwatersheds
Silverlake Subwatersheds
Sleepyhollow Subwatersheds
Somonauk Subwatersheds
Spring Subwatersheds
Towerlake Subwatersheds
Tyler Subwatersheds
Unnamed(downstream Silver) Subwatersheds
Waubonsie Subwatersheds

Download all of the tributary watershed datasets in a single zipped file: All Watersheds and Subwatersheds